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Attach your car with LWAY and become an entrepreneur. Drive our valued customers to their destinations to earn respect, good lifestyle, and make some good money as a true entrepreneur. Join India’s trusted ride-hailing platform and choose your preferred business category, Taxi, Share Cab, Auto, Sedan, Hatchback, or SUV.
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Experience the ultimate hassle-free ride-sharing like never before!

Zero Registration Fees

Join Lway Driver without incurring any upfront registration costs. Our commitment is to make your entry free of cost into the world of auto and cab industry.

Optimised Commission

Keep all your hard-earned money with zero commission for Auto's. At Lway Driver, we believe in rewarding your dedication and effort as a driver without taking a cut from your earnings.

Local Commute Business

Serve your local community with ease. Lway Driver is designed to empower you to build a thriving local auto and cab business, connecting you with riders in your neighborhood.

"Scan & Go"

Offer convenient "Scan & Go" options to riders, enhancing their experience with quick and easy boarding. Simplify the cab-booking process like never before.

Quick Payment

Enjoy fast and hassle-free payment settlements. Lway Driver ensures that you receive your earnings promptly, so you can focus on what you do best – providing excellent rides.

Efficient Partner App

Manage your rides effortlessly with our user-friendly partner app. Designed with your convenience in mind, it streamlines every aspect of your cab-booking journey.

Documents required
to start driving with LWAY

Owner Documents
1. PAN Card
2. Cancelled Cheque or Passbook
3. Aadhaar Card
4. Address Proof
Car Documents
1. Vehicle RC
2. Vehicle Permit
3. Vehicle Insurance
Driver Documents
1. Driving License
2. Aadhaar Card
3. Address Proof
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LWAY is an online app-based everyday travel platform that connects both passengers and drivers. The company operates on an asset-light model by aggregating & managing cabs, autos, taxis, and bikes from partners. The app enables passengers to search & book cabs after providing relevant details.

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